NOFI designs products in flexible materials for tough conditions. Our main materials are technical fabrics, PEHD construction plastic and ropes of various types. Our solutions are often ground-breaking, particularly when we combine material types.

Tarpaulin products

NOFI manufactures tarpaulin products according to dimensions and requirements of customers. We supply everything from simple tarpaulins to more complex products such as pressure-compensated subsea tanks.

We have extensive experience and expertise. Our personnel can perform strength calculations on products, and draw and construct in 3-D. If you need a tarpaulin to safeguard your property or equipment, or require a more complex design, we offer consultations so that we can design and manufacture the product in cooperation.

Tarpaulins can be supplied in a number of different colours and qualities

Safety nets

NOFI WOSNET™ (World’s Strongest Net) is a net woven in a specially designed pattern, in which the fibres and ropes run in a straight line, with no weak points or stretch due to knots or changes in direction. NOFI holds a patent for this weaving technology, known as WOSNET technology.

Nets based on WOSNET technology are particularly suitable when a high degree of protection against heavy falling or swinging loads is required, and when the weight of the protective structure must be kept at a minimum. The net floats on water and can be manufactured with a breaking strength of several hundred tonnes per metre, both vertical and horizontal. Nets are manufactured from the fibre UHMWPE Dyneema® (reg. Trademark of DSM, Holland) SK75, marketed as "the world’s strongest fibre".

NOFI SLOTNET is a special type of net, designed to be installed as a funnel between the weather deck and tree deck on production platforms. Any falling objects from the derrick are guided down so that they do not strike the production tree in the adjacent wells. This permits simultaneous drilling and production in adjacent wells.

NOFI can customise net constructions for various areas of use based on customers’ requirements, comprised of several materials, for example robust PVC fabric, net, rope and wire.