Outriggers and gangways


We supply different types of outriggers according to customer requirements; all components are made from hot-dip galvanised steel.



6 meters0,5 meters / 0,6 meters
8 meters0,5 meters/ 0,6 meters
10 meters0,5 meters / 0,6 meters
12 meters0,5 meters / 0,6 meters


We are a distributor for several types of gangways, and manufacture our own ALUFLEX gangways in anodised aluminium. The system is comprised of aluminium gangway gratings and railing profiles from Astrup. Delivered complete with a swinging land attachment, skis and glide plate to the decking. Gangways can also be supplied with GRP grating decking.


6 meters1,02  meters / 1,22 meters
8 meters1,02 meters / 1,22 meters
9 meters1,02 meters / 1,22 meters
11,2 meters1,02 meters / 1,22 meters
16,3 meters1,02 meters / 1,22 meters

The construction is designed to withstand 1000 kg of evenly distributed load, and has a self-weight of approximately 30 kg per metre.

Other sizes of both gangways and outriggers can be supplied on request.