NOFI Kayak Landing Stages

The world’s first floating landing stage designed for kayaks!

A familiar problem for kayakers is getting in and out of the kayak at high landing stages, quaysides and steep rock faces.

This problem has now been solved through innovation and can-do attitude from local industry in Tromsø, in the form of a small floating landing stage that makes it extremely easy to get into and out of an unstable kayak. The floating landing stage has been developed by NOFI in cooperation with Tromsø Sea Kayakers Club.

NOFI Kayak Landing Stages can be added as an extension of an ordinary floating landing stage, e.g. a customised NOFI floating landing stage or jetty.

NOFI Kayak Landing Stages are constructed from PE plastic and intended for permanent anchoring; however, they are very mobile and can be disassembled/assembled in just five minutes. They can be transported in larger estate cars (length required is 2.1 m)!