wire and hardware

Our suppliers of hardware and other critical components are carefully selected. We supply equipment from approved and dependable suppliers who have delivered quality over time. We have a broad range of stock and offer fast delivery of the components you require.


Chain is stocked in a wide range of qualities and dimensions. We keep the most frequently used types and dimensions in stock for our fisheries customers. We also have large stocks of mooring chain, specialist chains and chain for lifting gear.

Shackles and links

Shackles and links are available in many types and designs. We stock shackles, eyebolts, connectors, swivels, hooks and similar for fisheries, mooring and lifting gear.


We stock wire suitable for various purposes. In addition to all types of wire for fisheries, we have a wide range of wire for cranes and winches. In our wire workshop we have expertise and equipment to handle wire in most dimensions