Plate freezer tarpaulin

NOFI manufactures tarpaulin products according to dimensions and requirements of customers. We supply everything from simple tarpaulins to more complex products such as pressure-compensated subsea tanks.

We have extensive experience and expertise. Our personnel can perform strength calculations on products, and draw and construct in 3-D. If you need a tarpaulin to safeguard your property or equipment, or require a more complex design, we offer consultations so that we can design and manufacture the product in cooperation.Tarpaulins can be supplied in a number of different colours and qualities

Mezzanine for boat

We produce mezzanines and walls, standard design or as a split mezzanine. Corners and edges are extra reinforced with NOFi x-15 Heavy Duty oil boom fabric.


Our walls can be delivered both with and without a window, as well as wire and shackles if desired. Several color variants.

Tarpaulins for lifeboat

We design and produce tarpaulins for all types of  boats and lifeboats. 
Several color and qualities.

Hoods and plate freezer tarpaulins

Hoods and plate freezer tarpaulins in all sizes, shapes and colors. Delivered insulated or uninsulated.